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The Farmer Law Group is committed to delivering quality results to all of its clients. From intake to disposition, our law firm is dedicated to serving the specific needs of our clients. While developing exceptional business relationships with our clients, we will optimize the value of all civil cases and fight for your constitutional and state rights in criminal cases.

The Farmer Law Group focuses its practice in the areas of Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law. Our firm handles federal cases, serious felonies, misdemeanors, DWIs, and drug cases. In addition, we handle a wide variety of civil cases, ranging from automobile accidents, to premises liability, wrongful death, and consumer litigation. We would be happy to help see that justice is done in your case.

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We will earn your trust and keep it.


We have more than 10 years handling case law


We operate with the utmost integrity and openness


You can count on us to do the job- and do it right

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Copyright © Farmer Law Group 2017. All rights reserved.